Let me tell you a story…..

Every photographer, it seems, finds their own personal niche. Something that draws them and eventually becomes their “brand,” or what they are known for. I suppose I am no exception to that. I don’t follow the conventional rules of photography. I don’t go out and scout places to shoot. I have a tripod but rarely use it. I travel and wander around in my car, letting God guide me. I have several backroad atlases from several states. I have a wonderful camera with several lenses, and I shoot on automatic most of the time which drives “true” photographers crazy. But it’s me. It brings me joy and it works. By the likes, loves and comments on my photos, it seems I am doing okay.

I have something to say.

These are some of my stories.

The Lonely Swingset

When I came upon this swingset at an abandoned homestead, the house was no longer there. The swing set and this shed were the only things left. I titled this pic “Do you know where my children have gone?’. It felt so lonely and sad.

The Treehouse

This tree house brought many, many comments. I think it struck a cord with anyone who has ever built a tree house. I didn’t climb inside, but I should have. Within a month, the tree house, the homestead and all the memories were demolished.

Peek A Boo!

I was driving down a lane and I spotted a group of Fox kits playing at an abandoned farm house. This one decided to play peek a boo with me.